4Common problem

IC test socket (test socket) is a standard test equipment for testing the electrical performance and electrical connection of online components to check manufacturing defects and defective components. So what are the advantages of IC test sockets in design?

The IC test socket is compact, stable and unique in design, small in size, and can meet the needs of high density of any motherboard components.

The screw-cap type fixed BGA is more conducive to dispersing the welding force of the test socket and the PCB board, greatly improving the reliability and service life of the connection, and the fixed cover is made of aluminum alloy material, which can effectively dissipate heat and improve the test effect. When fixing the chip, the screw-on cover method is used to better buffer the connection pressure between the test socket and the circuit board, and it is not easy to cause empty soldering to make the connection more reliable. The humanized and most reasonable design makes the test more convenient and faster. Improve work efficiency. Computer motherboards, graphics cards, communications, industrial control, memory DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, digital products and other BGA chips can be tested.

test Seat

Using imported probes, the elasticity of the needle is smoother, which can ensure the life span of 20,000 measurements.

In the design, the maintenance is simple and fast, and the probe can be replaced at will; such a test seat has great advantages over similar products in use, maintenance, and price. It is definitely the most user-friendly product. Best choice.