4Common problem

IC test socket (test socket) is a standard test equipment for testing the electrical performance and electrical connection of online components to check manufacturing defects and defective components. It is mainly used to check the on-line individual components and the open and short-circuit conditions of each circuit network. It has the characteristics of simple operation, fast and accurate fault location, etc. The ICT test fixture can perform analog device function and digital device logic function test, fault The coverage rate is high, and a dedicated needle bed must be made for each type of veneer. So what is the use of the IC test socket?

The IC test socket is mainly used to check the on-line single IC components and the open and short circuit conditions of each circuit network, as well as the function of analog devices and the logic function of digital devices.

The user is able to fully achieve the functions and performance indicators specified in the design specification under harsh environmental conditions during the test.

To put it simply, it is the qualification of the test chip.