4Industry information

1) According to the connection diagram, solder the six connecting wires to the programmer or test board without short circuit or virtual soldering. Install and restore the burner.

2) Download the burning file to the burner.

3) Place the writer/test board on the two corresponding positions of the MLK-0211X series machine. If it is unstable, fix it with adhesive tape.

4) Connect the interface cables of the writer/test board to the machine according to the upper right and lower left regulations.

5) Turn on the power of the two writers/test boards.

6) Turn on the power of the MLK-0211X series machine.

7) Adjust the working parameters of the machine as needed.

burn Recorder

8) Just before starting to burn, pull the upper feed area out and down into a horizontal shape, load six tubes of chips to be processed, and pay attention to the direction of the chips. Insert six OK tubes in the lower discharge area, and replace an NG tube if necessary. Then press the "S1/set" button to start the formal batch job.

9) Various statuses during the working process will be displayed in Chinese on the LCD screen, such as tube change, material jam, etc. Follow the prompts to deal with it accordingly.

10) Pay special attention to the entire working environment not to exceed the allowable range. The power supply system must be stable to avoid long-term exposure to too much strong electromagnetic interference and sunlight, otherwise it will reduce the yield.