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What are the benefits of the automatic burning block? Speaking of the automatic burning block, as the name suggests, you can think of a kind of burning block that automatically burns the data without manual operation. In fact, it is a kind of programmer that can save manpower. Then it is in the product There are also different classifications of the above. Let’s get familiar with everyone today about the different levels.

The simplest method for IC programming can be classified into two levels, manual type and automatic type. It is easy to see the difference between the two literally. It is not difficult to understand that manual type means that every step of the link is It is done manually, and the automatic type is to help everyone to complete the work through one-click operation. Both have their own advantages and differences. You only need to choose the unreasonable according to your own unreasonable situation. Type can successfully complete the programming work.

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The automatic burner block has irreplaceable advantages. If you want to talk about the advantages of your own burner block, it can be said that it has a better and faster speed than other burner blocks, and the capacity is also much larger than before. , And the packaging is more sophisticated. In terms of pins, it has successfully avoided the shortcomings of insufficient pins of other types of programming sockets. The automatic programming sockets have more pins. For people, the voltage is also reduced a lot. Automatic The burning block has brought a lot of changes, making the semiconductor industry have better changes.

The above are the benefits of the automatic burning block. It is a catalyst for the semiconductor industry. It has a very good role in promoting the semiconductor industry and can produce more valuable products.