4Common problem

The IC test socket is mainly used to check the on-line single IC components and the open and short-circuit conditions of each circuit network, as well as the function of analog devices and the logic function of digital devices. The user is able to fully achieve the functions and performance indicators specified in the design specification under harsh environmental conditions during the test. To put it simply, it is the qualification of the test chip.

The IC test socket used for testing after IC packaging mainly includes an upper cover (contactblade) and a base (icsocket) that are assembled with each other. In a preferred implementation state, the IC test socket is used for the packaging test of the ceramic lead chip carrier in the image sensor (ImageSensor).

The IC test socket is characterized by a through hole inside the upper cover (contactblade), and a plurality of test probes are arranged near the adjacent through holes for contacting the IC to be tested, and inside each test probe It contains a test spring. The test probe is arranged around the through hole.

test seat