4Common problem

The IC test socket is used to burn the program into the chip, and it needs the cooperation of the programmer to burn. Put the IC test socket in the socket above the programmer, and then put the IC chip in the socket for programming. So what are the functions of the IC test socket?

The functions of the IC test socket include:

The probe ball is as small as 0.3 mm and is custom-packaged on the surface of existing equipment.

Double-sided test

A variety of top cover styles are available,

Ultra-thin top cover suitable for microscopic detection;

Various types of spring test probes can meet most needs (lead-free, low inductance, high strength, high current, Kelvin test socket, etc.);

test seat

Open the IC test socket for back-side emission;

Low-inductance test probe suitable for radio frequency characteristics and testing;

High-strength thimble suitable for lead-free packaging;

The IC test socket has built-in openings to facilitate component placement.

Bilateral test

Docking processor interface;

Multi-site IC test fixture.