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With the acceleration of the upgrading of electronic products, consumers' picky on products is not only limited to the appearance of the products, but also has many requirements for the inherent quality and stability of electronic products. And the chip plays a vital role in electronic products like the heart. The quality of a core directly affects the service life of electronic products. Therefore, before the current chip is packaged and shipped out, the chip manufacturer will conduct strict temperature accelerated aging and HAST temperature and humidity aging tests.

Aging HTOL [High Temperature Operating Life] is to accelerate the aging of the chip at high temperature, and then estimate the life of the chip. There is also HAST [Highly Accelerated Stress Test] to test the moisture resistance of the chip package. The product to be tested is tested under severe temperature, humidity and pressure. Whether moisture will penetrate the package body along the glue or the interface between the glue and the lead frame Thereby damaging the chip.

aging Seat

The chip aging seat plays an important role in the HTOL and HAST aging test of the chip. It can help the chip make good contact in the harsh test environment, thereby completing the test work. The IC aging block produced by Hongyi Electronics has a very high market share in the aging block market. Whether it is price or product diversification, it is the best choice for customers. At present, our IC aging block will be made with off-the-shelf mold shrapnel for all standard ICs on the market. For the burn-in test of unconventional chips, the probe method can be used. All take stable test and reduce cost as the main purpose.