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IC test sockets, some call IC test fixtures, some call IC test fixtures, and others call IC test fixtures. They mainly include mobile phone IC test fixtures, memory IC test fixtures, BGA test sockets, etc., so why Nowadays, a large number of IC manufacturers will use IC test fixtures. Generally speaking, there are three points:

Function 1: Incoming material inspection. The purchased IC will sometimes undergo quality inspection before use to find out defective products, thereby increasing the SMT yield. The quality of the IC is invisible to the naked eye. It must be tested by power-on. The current, voltage, inductance, resistance, and capacitance of the IC can not be completely judged by the usual methods; the IC test fixture application function can run The program can judge the quality of the IC.

Function 2: Rework and inspection. Sometimes there is a problem with the motherboard during the production process. What is the problem? Hard to judge! With the IC test fixture, everything is easy to say. Put the removed IC in the test socket and pass the test to rule out the reason for whether it is IC.

Function three: IC sub-inspection, the returned IC may be damaged during the removal process. The IC test fixture can be used to separate the broken IC, which can save a lot of manpower and material resources, thereby reducing various costs . Take the BGA packaged IC as an example. If the IC is not sub-inspected and the bad IC is attached and checked out by the FCT test, the IC is removed, baked and cleaned, which is troublesome and may damage related devices. Testing with IC test fixtures can greatly reduce the probability of the above problems.