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The burning block is used to complete the work through the burning block or the burning card. The English name of the programming socket is PROGRAMMER, some called WRITER, and some earlier called BURNER. This kind of machine is used to burn [PROGRAM] a kind of IC called PROGRAMABLE IC [PROGRAMABLE IC], which can burn the internals of these ICs. CELL (cell) data causes different functions. Most of the previous ICs are fixed-function ICs (DEDICATED ID). Therefore, designers must use a variety of different fixed-function ICs to design a circuit board. Manufacturers need to prepare many types of ICs. Since the appearance of burnable ICs, designers only need to prepare one IC and burn it into ICs with different functions. Material preparers can only purchase one IC, which is convenient for material preparation. But you need to prepare the burning block to burn.

Burning is like COPY. COPY the things in the computer on other file carriers, just like a 1.4-inch disk can be said to be a burnable disk.

Features of Chengbo's automatic IC burning socket:

1. Excellent performance: This system can be converted at any time in response to different IC in and out packaging methods such as panel packaging, tube packaging, tape packaging, etc. The same system can combine IC programming, printing and packaging conversion 3 Kind of function.

2. Intelligent operation: Under the control of powerful software, a series of automated IC feeding, positioning, burning, sorting, printing, and discharging operations can be carried out.

3. High-efficiency burning: Built-in new era universal burning socket with high-speed, highly flexible drive circuit and USB interface structure, providing high speed, low decibel, high stability, and worthwhile Trusted burning platform.

4. Printer: It can be purchased separately with discharging devices such as trays, tubes, tapes, etc., to provide a consistent job of printing color dots, numbers or letters before IC packaging.

5. Flexible packaging conversion: This system can be used to convert inventory materials between various packagings of tray, tube, and tape arbitrarily and efficiently.