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Product parameters
NO. 型号(Parts NO.) PIN数(PIN Count) PIN距(Pitch) 宽(MAX Width)
01 sop8[16]-1.27 8 1.27 6±0.2
02 sop16-1.27 16 1.27 6±0.2
03 sop8[20]-1.27 8 1.27 7.9
04 sop8*2[20]-1.27 16 1.27 7.9
05 sop16[20]-1.27 16 1.27 7.9
06 sop20-1.27 20 1.27 7.9
07 sop16[28]-1.27 16 1.27 10.4±0.2
08 sop20[28]-1.27 20 1.27 10.4±0.2
09 sop28-1.27 28 0.65 10.4±0.2
10 sop8[28]-0.65 8 0.65 6.4
11 sop14[28]-0.65 14 0.65 6.4
12 sop16[28]-0.65 16 0.65 6.4
13 sop20[28]-0.65 20 0.65 6.4
14 sop24[28]-0.65 24 0.65 6.4
15 sop28-0.65 28 0.65 6.4
16 sop24[34]-0.65 24 0.65 6.4
17 sop28[34]-0.65 28 0.65 7.8±0.2
18 sop30[34]-0.65 30 0.65 7.8±0.2
19 sop34-0.65 34 0.65 7.8±0.2
Parameter map
Product performance
Insulation resistance DC 100V 1000MΩ above
Withstand voltage AC 500V within one minute without exception (0.65Pin distance)
AC 700V within one minute without exception (1.27Pin distance)
Contact resistance Measurement current 10mA open end voltage 20mV or less, 30mΩ or less
Operating temperature -65°C~+150°C
Service life 80000Times or more
Materials and components
Test seat PEI
Terminal inner layer 铍铜
Terminal surface selective gold-plated, nickel-plated bottom cover
Chip size
Test seat size
Contact method

1. The contact terminal arc is larger than 270° design structure, so that the clamping strength is high, the contact is reliable, the terminal material is made of copper, the elasticity is good, and the service life is high. Surface gold, low impedance.

2.Double contact structure, more stable contact, the service life of more than 80,000.

3.Seat shell with a special engineering plastics, high strength, long life. Quality Super foreign yamaichi


•This section seat clamshell shrapnel / under the pressure shrapnel two structures, using a one-time mold forming, good quality, life expectancy more than 100,000 times.

*There are two ways to connect the pedestal and the PCB:
1Contact (top plate type, * completely replace probe structure test stand)

•The use of floating plate structure, the effective protection of the needle, the needle's special head-shaped protrusions can pierce the oxide layer of solder ball without damaging the solder ball.

No ball for the 1C can test the ball


It is a domestic company that independently develops, produces, and sells 1C testing, burning, and aging, breaking the long-term monopoly of Japan and the United States in the industry.

Since its establishment in 2006, the company has been devoting itself to providing value-added services for 1C testing, programming and aging industries.

We are committed to the chip design company, chip packaging and testing plant, chip a wide range of applications (MEMORY.SDRAM, PC, AUDIO, VIDEO and communications, automotive electronics, etc.)Provide Testing, Burn-in, Programming and other programs.

After years of development, the company has accumulated a wealth of experience and good reputation.

The main products are: BGA, CSP, QFN, MLF, PLCC, DIP, SSOP, SOP, TSOP, TSSOP, QFP, SOJ, SOT, etc. At the same time, we can provide high quality test socket according to the special needs of different customers.