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Product parameters
Number pin number Pin pitch Remarks
QFP-32-0.8-01 32 0.8
QFP-48-0.5-01 48 0.5
QFP-64-0.5-01 64 0.5
QFP-100-0.5-01 100 0.5
Contact force spring Product Detail Parameters Drawing PDF: Click to view
15g - 180g contact distance between 0.2mm - 0.9mm Stainless steel, passivated
Parameter diagram
Product performance
Insulation resistance DC 100V 1000MΩ above
Withstand voltage AC 700V No abnormalities within one minute
Contact resistance Measurement current 10mA Open-end voltage 20mV or less, 30mΩ or less
Operating temperature -65°C~+150°C
Service life 100000 times or more
Materials and components
Test seat PEI
Terminal inner layer Beryllium copper
Terminal surface selective gold-plated, nickel-plated bottom cover
Chip size
Test seat size
Part Name Pin Count IC Body
IC Tip to Tip
Paralle Clamp
IC Height
Socket Dim
QFP-32-0.8-0.1-JRS 32 7.6×7.6 9×9 8.7 1.4 30×40.5 CL
QFP-48-0.5-0.1-JRS 48 7.6×7.6 9×9 8.5 1.4 29×37 CL
QFP-64-0.5-0.1-JRS 64 10×10 12×12 11.6 1.4 32×40 CL
QFP-100-0.5-0.1-JRS 100 14×14 16×16 15.4 1.5 36×44 CL
QFP-48-0.5-JRS 48 7.6×7.6 9×9 / 1.4 24×24 DT
QFP-64-0.5-JRS 64 10×10 12×12 / 1.4 27×27 DT
QFP-80-0.5-JRS 80 12.6×12.6 14×14 / 1.4 29×29 DT
QFP-100-0.5-JRS 100 14×14 16×16 / 1.5 31×31 DT

*CL=Clamshell OT=Under pressure

Contact method
QFP 0.5 0.8

1.Product structure & electrical performance is stable, easy to use.

2.Colloid using PEI & PES high and low temperature (-55 to +170 degrees)

4.Metal conductor using Japan NGK beryllium copper, fatigue and high and low temperature (-50 degrees +900 degrees) and excellent electrical conductivity.

5.Service life of 100,000 times.


•This section seat clamshell shrapnel / under the pressure shrapnel two structures, using a one-time mold forming, good quality, life expectancy more than 100,000 times.

*There are two ways to connect the pedestal and the PCB:
1Contact (top plate type, * completely replace probe structure test stand)

•The use of floating plate structure, the effective protection of the needle, the needle's special head-shaped protrusions can pierce the oxide layer of solder ball without damaging the solder ball.

No ball for the 1C can test the ball


It is a domestic company that independently develops, produces, and sells 1C testing, burning, and aging, breaking the long-term monopoly of Japan and the United States in the industry.

Since its establishment in 2006, the company has been devoting itself to providing value-added services for 1C testing, programming and aging industries.

We are committed to the chip design company, chip packaging and testing plant, chip a wide range of applications (MEMORY.SDRAM, PC, AUDIO, VIDEO and communications, automotive electronics, etc.)Provide Testing, Burn-in, Programming and other programs.

After years of development, the company has accumulated a wealth of experience and good reputation.

The main products are: BGA, CSP, QFN, MLF, PLCC, DIP, SSOP, SOP, TSOP, TSSOP, QFP, SOJ, SOT, etc. At the same time, we can provide high quality test socket according to the special needs of different customers.